How You Can Help Directly

Funding to launch many of the programs and provide initial materials and education is one of the most effective ways to support the tribe right now. All donations go 100% to Shawi programs, and this site, and it's contents are made by volunteers.

You can donate here:    Our fiscal sponsors at Impact a Village accept donations on our behalf and generously take no fee.
For those concerned about Facebook- their fundraising platform actually takes the lowest percentage of all crowdfunding options, delivers some of the funds each week even while the fundraiser is still going, and reaches the most people.

The kinds of direct help we need will vary as the project progresses.  If you have an idea of how to help that's not listed, please e-mail us.

Challenges in Partnership

While many of us in the west have done good work to de-colonize our minds and re-learn what our cultures have forgotten about respecting nature and all people, the Shawi are facing not only the violence of invading loggers and miners, the inaction of their government, but also the incursion of western missionaries who seek to "help," by destroying indiginous culture. 

The Shawi are, rightfully, cautious. 

We are grateful to have this opportunity to be of assistance with pure intentions, and recognize that some of our ideas, even ones we think are best, may not be appropriate or accepted at this time.

Current Needs for Volunteers

- Graphic design/ visual storytelling for the project pages.
Keeping partners informed on goals and progress is important to success- We would like to develop the website to better tell the story and engage more partners in each project. This simple project involves fleshing out the projects page with data we have on funds raised, schools built, and whats planned for the future. 

-Solicitor of in-kind donations.  We are looking for Windows based laptops in good condition, cell phones, cameras, and easy to use audio recording equipment.
We are also seeking small shipments of pre-natal and children's vitamins, which are charged an import fee.

-Information on the medicinal crops best cultivated in the area and best able to replace the wildcrafted medicines formerly used.  A challenge we face is the mistrust bred from abuse- we can not demand the Shawi tell us their traditional plant medicines, but can offer them helpful information already gathered from the region.

-Information design for communicating the "best of the west" to those unfamiliar with the culture and language- including useful alternative health practices, economic wisdom etc.  These are offerings, the Shawi may choose to implement if they see fit. If all they have available is information from missionaries and under-resourced local governments it will be a long road before they will find better information by themselves.

-Anyone traveling to the Tarapoto/ Yurimaguas area to bring donated materials such as laptops, cell phones, solar lights, and nutritional supplements to help reduce shipping and import fees.


In Peru

-Someone who works in the fashion industry in Peru to partner with us on pattern making designs


-Assistance with developing cotton growing and production methods (Paid)

- A carpenter in the Yurimaguas area to teach woodworking skills (Paid)

-Aquaculture expert to design fish pond (paid)